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Melodious Crow Animated Story in Hindi

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Melodious Crow Animation Stories In Hindi For Children - 2D Animation Rhymes For Kids - KidsOne

"Melodious Crow " Music & Animation Credits:
Animation by KIDSONE Animations 
Adapted Traditional & Written By: KIDSONE 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Once there was a big black crow fly over with a piece of cheese in his beak. At that time the crow was flying the fox saw the crow with the nice and round cheese. When the fox saw the cheese in crow beak he thought “I want that cheese”.
When the crow landed upon a branch of tree the fox sat down beneath the tree and called “oh crow!”
How well you’re looking!
How bright your eyes!
How glossy your feathers!
The crow was pleased. She loves to be flattered.
“If your voice is half as beautiful as those fine feathers I see, it would please my ears to hear you sing a little melody!”
Well, crow had never heard anyone such a complimentary thing. The crow was so pleased he could hardly sit still. So he lifted his head high and opened up his beak to sing: CAW-CAW-CAWWWWWWWW.
The cheese fell to the ground, right in front of the fox.
“Oh no!” squawked the crow, “You have stolen my dinner!”
“Not at all!” said the fox, licking lips. “It was a fair enough trade! Vain crow, with your head up in the trees! You got the compliments, and I got the cheese!”
“Thank you crow”, he said the unhappy bird.

Never Trust a Flatterer

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