Monday, 1 September 2014

Telugu Panchatantra Stories - Lion and Rabbit


Once Upon a time there was a ferocious lion in a forest, which killed all the animals without a cause. He just killed for pleasure. Seeing this, the animals were not happy with the situation. The animals gathered and decided to approach the lion with the offer that they would send one animal to him every day and he should stop killing them without a cause. The lion agreed to this. So every day it was turn of one of the animals.
One day, it was the turn of a rabbit. All the animals bid farewell to the rabbit with heavy hearts. The rabbit was walking very slowly and thinking of some way to get rid of the cruel lion forever.
In the mean while the lion was getting angry on not seeing any animal at the cave and decide to kill all animals the next day.
The rabbit then went to the Lion of the cave, it was already very late. The lion was angry at him because of the delay. When he saw a small rabbit coming towards him, he became angrier. But the clever rabbit was calm and slowly told the Lion that it was not his fault.
The rabbit said “I am extremely sorry for the delay. A group of rabbits were coming for you but on the way, an angry lion attacked them and ate all the rabbits. Somehow he escaped to reach safely. He said that he is the real king of jungle and wants to teach you a lesson”.
After listening to the rabbit, the lion reacted angrily and asked to be taken to the location of the other lion. The clever rabbit agreed and asked the lion to follow him. The rabbit took the lion towards a deep well filled with water. By showing the well the rabbit said “That lion lives inside this well. You can check yourself”.
By seeing into the well, he saw his own reflection in the well and thought it to be another lion. With that the lion became so enraged and jumped into the deep well to attack the other lion and kill it but lost its life in the well.
The clever rabbit saved the forest and all the animals became very happy to hear the news.

Moral of the Story:

“By applying the right tactics, even a bigger enemy can be defeated. Intelligence wins over might”

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