Monday, 25 August 2014

Story of the Lion and Mouse in Telugu

It was a hot summer day. A lion was sitting under the shade of a big tree and in some time got a sleep. Nearby that tree, there was a hole, in which there lived a mouse. When the lion was sleeping, the mouse came out of the hole and saw him asleep.
The mouse started playing on it. The lion was disturbed and arose from his sleep. The lion caught up the mouse in his storing paw and tried to crush up to death. Then the mouse requests the lion to leave him and promised the lion that it would help when it needed. The lion laughed at it and leave the mouse.
After few days, the lion was caught in a net. It roared and try to escape from the net. The mouse heared the lion's roaring and came there. Immediately, it set to work and started cutting the net with its teeth. The Lion escaped from the net and thanked the mouse for its help.
The moral of the story is "Little friends may prove as great friends and mercy never goes unrewarded'

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