Saturday, 23 August 2014

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Part 3

The Story Aladdin and his Wonderful Magic Lamp

Once upon a time there lived a poor boy named Aladdin. The boy lived in utter poverty. His father was long gone and his mother struggled to make ends meet. But one fine day a black magician from Africa tricks Aladdin into thinking he was his uncle. He leads Aladdin to cave to retrieve a magic lamp. Aladdin is told not to touch anything in the cave. But Aladdin is tempted and touches the other treasure. The cave close on him and the magician runs away. Aladdin starts crying and begins rubbing the lamp. A genie appears and stops his crying. The genie then gets Aladdin out of the cave. As soon as his eyes could bear the light he was with his mother. he narrated the entire incident to his mother. The genie grants Aladdin's wishes to make him wealthy and to make him a prince.
As Aladdin grew up to become a young, handsome man, he fell in love with the daughter of the king, Jasmine. He becomes determined to marry her. But his mom doesn't fully support Aladdin's  decision, but urges him to pursue his dream.
Finally Aladdin married princess Jasmine. The genie arranged a grand palace for the newly married couple which was never seen before.

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