Sunday, 24 August 2014

Rabbit, Pond and Moon God Moral Story in Telugu

Story of Rabbit, Pond and Moon God

Once upon a time there was a herd of elephants, lived in a forest. Suddenly all the sources of water in the forest had dried up as there were no rains for many years. All the animals and birds faced the shortage of water and food. All the elephants in the forest approached their king and explained there problem. The elephant king think over the problem and said "There was a pond in the forest which was always full of water as it is connected to an underground source. Let us all shift to that place".
The entire herd started for that place. Their joy knew no bounds as they sighted the pond. Within seconds the pond was occupied by the elephants. The elephants were roamed around the pond and ate the branches of the trees around the pond. Because of all this the hundreds of rabbits which are lived in a underground burrows around the pond were crushed to death under the feet of elephants. The rabbits got worried about the situation and they gathered together to discuss the ways to save themselves from the herd of elephants.
They asked their leader to find some solution. The leader of the rabbits thought a plan and went to the elephant king. It was a full moon light. The rabbit said that he was the messenger of the moon god. He said that the moon was the god of the pond and he was not happy with the elephants. But the elephant king did not believe what the rabbit said. He asked the rabbit "where is the moon god ?". Then the rabbit asked him to come alone and took him to the pond. The rabbit showed the reflection of the moon in the pond to the elephant king. By seeing moon in the pond elephant king bent on his knees and raised his trunk to salute the moon god. He believed the rabbit and promised to the rabbit that he would never enter that pond and left with his entire herd.
The moral of the story is "Sometimes a little creativity can solve a big Problem"

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