Saturday, 23 August 2014

Aladdin and The Magic Lamp - Part I

The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

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Once upon a time there lived a poor boy named Aladdin. The boy lived in utter poverty. His father was long gone and his mother struggled to make ends meet. But one fine day, an old man came to his house and claimed that he is Aladdin’s uncle. The boy had never seen his uncle. The uncle was generous enough to provide Aladdin with good clothes and a tour to the city. He wanted the boy to work for him for which Aladdin’s mother agreed believing that uncle will take good care of the kid. But the uncle was actually a wicked magician who wanted to use the boy’s services for his own benefits.
The magician took Aladdin to a mountain and mumbled some incomprehensible words that Aladdin could not understand. All of a sudden the ground beneath them opened and the boy was afraid. But the wily old man assured him that nothing wrong will happen to him if he follows the instruction of the magician. He told Aladdin to pass through the tunnel at the end of which he will come across three ways. The magician wanted the boy to take the right direction where he will come across a garden. In the center of the garden, there would be glowing lamp. Aladdin was instructed to put off the light, remove the oil from it and bring the lamp back to the old magician. Magician also told the boy not to touch anything in the way.
Aladdin didn't know anything about the lamp and why the magician wanted it but he did what he was told and bought back the lamp. But on his way back, he had pocketed some shiny fruits that he had never seen before. Aladdin is tempted and touches the other treasure. The cave closes on him and the magician runs away. Aladdin starts crying and begins rubbing the lamp. a genie appears and stops his crying. The genie then gets Aladdin out of the cave. As soon as his eyes could bear the light he was with his mother.

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