Saturday, 30 August 2014

Telugu Panchatantra Stories - Crow and Snake


Once Upon a time there was a crow that lived in a tree. Nearer to that tree there was a hole, where a big snake was lived, which kept eating up all the eggs of the crow, when mother crow went out.
The crow was very unhappy. But the crow didn’t want to leave the tree. Finally the crow knows that the snake was eating all her eggs. The crow thinks a plan to get rid of the vicious snake.
Next day, the crow flew towards the riverside where the king’s daughters were taking bath leaving behind on the bank their clothes and jewelry. King’s soldiers were standing little away from the bank. The crow flew towards the jewelry and took one golden necklace. The king’s daughters saw this and call the soldiers to catch the crow. The king’s soldiers saw the flying crow with golden necklace and they followed the crow to get the necklace back.
The crow flew slowly and reached the tree where the snake was lived. When the soldiers were seeing the crow, it drops the necklace inside the snake’s hole. The soldiers tried to take out the necklace from the snake’s hole, the snake came out. They killed the snake with their clubs and took the necklace away.  There after the crow lived in peace with her children happily ever after.

Moral of the story:

“Don’t run away from your problems, stay on, face them and overcome them” 

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